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Mobile Boat Detailing Experts

Founded by Tony & Tammy Harris, ADC, LLC, originated in 1992 due to their church’s call for additional charitable contributions for hurricane relief.  Facing financial constraints as a newlywed couple, Tony washed and waxed vehicles to raise funds.  Not only was he able to meet their donation goal, but also found immense satisfaction in the work which paved the way for becoming the most sought-after Mobile Boat Detailing Experts in our area.

In their quest to start their detailing business, Tony and Tammy recognized the need for comprehensive training in detailing techniques, product selection and usage, and machinery operation.  To hone their skills, they attended weekend seminars hosted by local suppliers.  Building on his expertise, Tony enrolled in additional detailing schools and seminars.  He delved into the intricacies of correcting paint issues, eliminating water spots, safely removing paint overspray, with a specific focus on all aspects of boat detailing.

Shortly after being in business, Tony realized his passion for working on boats and becoming an integral part of the boating community.  This realization motived him to invest time in refining and enhancing his boat detailing skills.  Pioneers in the industry for 30+ years, they stand as industry leaders in Marine Detailing setting the benchmark for excellence and inspiring fellow detailers in the field.  Additionally, they offer training to new boat detailers and valuable assistance in navigating the challenges of establishing a successful mobile boat detailing business.

Here’s a fun fact:  They were one of the first, if not the first, detailing websites on the internet, establishing their presence even before the inception of Google.

Celebrating over 30+ years being your go-to Mobile Boat Detailing Experts

In 2022 we celebrated our 30th Business Anniversary, a milestone achieved with gratitude to our valued clients who have helped us turn a dream into a reality.  With over three decades in business our enthusiasm for detailing remains vibrant, bringing us immense satisfaction in the work we perform and the enduring relationships we’ve developed with our new and long-term boat clients.

Looking forward, we are committed to nurturing the growth of new business owners through our detailing academy and continue being your Mobile Boat Detailing Experts who love serving the boating community here in the beautiful Pacific NW Puget Sound Area.  Here’s to the next 30 years!