Top 7 reasons to hire a Professional Boat Detailer

Your FAQs Answered &
Top 7 Reasons to have your boat detail

Welcome to our FAQ section, an informative resource designed to provide clarity and insights into our esteemed detailing business.  The frequently asked questions  serve as a comprehensive guide, illustrating our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.  Discover the top 7 reasons why you should have your boat detailed today.

  1. Protect your investment and its resale value
  2. Keep it looking its best so you can be proud when showing it off to your friends and family
  3. Protect it from UV rays that if left unprotected will dull the exterior of your vessel (oxidation)
  4. Notice any repairs needed before they become a big problem
  5. Protect your mechanical components from exposure to damaging contaminants such as sand, salt and natural debris
  6. Having a waxed vessel helps lessen or reduce drag for better fuel economy
  7. If you use your boat for fishing it helps with easier clean-up of your boat from fish elements

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If it is raining the morning of your appointment we will contact you to confirm the work space condition. If we determine your job can not be done, then we will reschedule your appointment. We understand that many people try to have their Boat detailed prior to a trip. We HIGHLY advise you to schedule your appointment at least 2 weeks prior to your trip to guarantee we can detail your boat if there is bad weather.

Yes, we are insured and licensed. You can request a copy of our insurance policy at any time. If your company requires us to add your business as a Rider on our Insurance Policy, please allow additional time for us to coordinate with our insurance company.

No, all of our services are done by estimate only. We have been in the detailing business for 30+ years and understand each boat is different. Pricing is determined on how your boat is maintained (or not maintained) and depending on how you store your boat will come into play on how much environmental elements may have affected it. We don’t offer “teaser pricing” or a “one size fits all” pricing then arrive to do the job to advise you that it is MUCH more than you expected to pay. That would be a waste of your time and ours. We ask a series of questions to determine what condition your boat is in and may ask you to text or email us photos to confirm the condition prior to giving you an estimate. Onsite quotes may be required to evaluate how heavy oxidation is and determine what steps will be required to perform the task.

Depending on where you live and how you store your boat may determine a different detailing schedule. We use high end Marine products when we detail your boat. This allows for you to have your boat detailed annually vs. using a basic wax which requires an application every 3-4 months.

If you have a boat which at one time had been heavily oxidized then in order to keep it from re-oxidizing you should have it detailed twice a year. Once a boat has been heavily oxidized it will oxidize faster thus requiring you to maintain it more.

If you have purchased a new boat we encourage you to create an annual detailing plan that will keep your boat in pristine condition, protect your investment and reduce expensive repairs.

Oxidation is caused by oxygen molecules attaching to your boat fiberglass or paint. This makes the exterior look dull, cloudy or chalky. If left unchecked, oxidized fiberglass or paint can cause damage beyond repair.

In order to prevent oxidation from happening we recommend you set up an Annual Detail Plan. Oxidation may be removed using a cleaner, wax, compound or color sanding. The type of method used would depend on the severity of the oxidation.

To tell if you have oxidation, look at your boat after it has been washed and dried.
If you see a mirror reflection in the fiberglass of your boat then you do not have oxidation.

If it looks cloudy you may have mild oxidation.
If there is absolutely no reflection and/or you run your finger across the fiberglass or paint and a white residue transfers to your finger then you have heavy oxidation.

Sometimes one side may be more oxidized than the other due to receiving more sun light or other environmental elements. It is important to view your entire Boat to ascertain whether you have any oxidation.

Let’s face it, we all love our pets and take them everywhere we can. But some times they do leave behind a bad odor. No matter how many air fresheners you use it may not cover up the smell or take care of the source of the odor. In order to remove pet odor or cigarette smoke you should have the interior cleaned, shampoo the carpets and upholstery, and if needed, run an ozone machine to remove residual odors. Don’t mask the odors; take care of it by having the interior detailed properly.

Our fabric protection is a protective coating which allows for easy cleanup of most spills. It protects by “encapsulating” the fabric fibers, guarding against permanent stains and discoloring. When properly applied the fabric protection will prolong the life of your fabric, upholstery or carpet without altering the texture of color. You can add fabric protection to your detail. Pricing is based on how many areas we are applying the fabric protection to.

Yes, there is sales tax where applicable.

Yes, we do offer gift certificates for all of our services. You can purchase one to cover the full amount or a specific dollar amount to be applied towards a detail.

Gift certificates are great for Birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Holidays or just as a Special “Thank You Gift”. Fill out our request quote form and select gift certificate option. We will contact you to process your order. We can mail the gift certificate or email it to you or the recipient, which ever delivery method you choose.

When you sign up to be a VIP Member you will receive a $25 credit to use towards your next detail. You will also receive priority scheduling for your annual detail prior to the opening of the Boating; thus, guaranteeing you a spot on our calendar. We pencil your Annual Detail into our calendar and your appointment can be rescheduled if needed. Every year we get extremely busy, and we want to make sure we take care of all our VIP Members and repeat clients.

You may also receive our monthly newsletter on special local boating events, boating tips or special offers. Your information will never be sold or rented out. You can opt out at any time by notifying us via email.

Detailing your boat is a chore that most boat owners choose to hire a professional detailer to do. But how do you find the right detailer for your vessel?

  1. Ask other boat owners at your marina for referrals. It is easy to identify who regularly takes care of their boat and those that do not.
  2. Ask your marina office for their list of contractors. They are in tune with regular detailers who service their clients.
  3.  Get a referral from a boat broker. Prior to listing a boat for sale, they will usually suggest having your boat detailed to help get you top dollar.
  4. When searching the web look for companies who display photos of their work, have testimonials, update regularly on social media, Facebook, Instagram and have their own YouTube videos or channel.
  5. Look for a company who has been in business for a long time, who is licensed and insured and who can provide referrals.
  6. Interview the prospected detailer and make sure they have knowledge of boating terms.
  7. Work with dedicated detailers who provide year-round services and really love what they do.
  1. Read labels on all cleaning solutions to make sure they are safe to use on your vessel. Follow manufactures recommendations for proper cleaning and products to use.
  2. Use marine products specifically made for boats.
  3. Test product on a small inconspicuous area first to make sure it works and does not cause any unexpected damage.
  4. Rinse regularly with freshwater to remove dirt, salt, bird droppings, sand, spider droppings and other debris.
  5. Use environmentally safe boat soap for cleaning; then spot treat other stains or problem areas with specific products.
  6. Dilute products per product recommendations. More is not better. 
  7. Detail your boat regularly every 6 months or year to help with easy in between cleaning.
  8. Towel dry your boat to minimize hard water spots.
  9. Get a long sturdy handle on a good scrub brush. Don’t choose a brush that is too rough for it could damage your boats finish.  Do not use a dirty brush either.
  10. Apply a good quality vinyl cleaner / protectant on your upholstery to protect it from fading or cracking.

If you have any questions how to take care of your boat or have a problem area you need advice on contact us and we will be more than happy to give you suggestions.

Thank you for exploring our FAQs &
Top 7 reasons to detail your boat!

We hope our FAQ section has addressed all your inquires.  Should you require more information, please reach out to us.  Fill out our Request for Quote form or contact us directly at 1-800-539-6910.